A Look Ahead for 2023 – Pre-Launch

Live and Let Live Foundation Goals for 2023 Our 2023 goals and objectives for The Live and Let Live Movement are in place and shared below. We’re moving slow to start, establishing a foundation while gaining some early traction with a proof of concept. The Live and Let Live Philosophy is profound and yet simple, inspiring many as we develop our relationships with like-minded people around the globe. We believe transparency is key to maintaining authentic relationships and building trust. We launched the website in August of 2020 and grew to 31 chapters in 19 countries through the efforts of previous Executive Directors. It was premature and yet indicative of the readiness for such an effort. The initial launch of the website proved to be more attractive than we were prepared to handle. As of March 2022, there are now two co-directors with highly complementary skill sets for developing and leading organizations. They’ve spent the time listening to the membership and developing the infrastructure to support the needs of a successful global peace movement. You can find the co-Directors on the Meet the Team page, as well as others helping to lead the Live and Let Live Movement. We’ll use the analogy of building a house for peace. It has a basement dug now. We’re pouring the foundation, as we build The Foundation (public charity) and teams for the mission. Our goals and objectives for 2023 need your help in accomplishing them and more; sharing the Message, exploring the Moral Principle and what it means to ‘Be an Excellent Human’ individually and collectively in building community. Exploring the Legal Principle of ‘Don’t Aggress’ and what that entails for our activity in bringing freedom and peace to the world through collaboration in political activism to eliminate aggression in the Law. Thanks for being here and having an interest in the Live and Let Live Movement. Our Mission is to provide Movement members with guidance, materials and opportunities to support advancing the Live and Let Live Movement, create prosperity, and build community.

Goals for 2023

True success is all about working towards meaningful goals with a vision. SMART Goals for the Live and Let Live Foundation
  • Raise Minimum of $24,000, target $100,000
  • Create & Implement Communications Plan
  • Grow Live and Let Live Community from 800 to 3,000
  • Develop, Test & Launch Social Enterprise Program
  • Redesign and Launch Roundtable Conversations
  • Increase Volunteers from 13 to 31
  • Grow Live and Let Live Foundation YouTube channel to 5,000 subscribers

Objectives for 2023

Goals are achieved by fulfilling objectives, molding possibilities into reality.Co-creating an organizational structure of passion and purpose for peace
  • Secure Sources of Income – 1) Donations/Sponsorship, Fundraising (50% of total raised); 2) Social Enterprise Programs/Sponsorship (25%); 3) Grants (25%)
  • Retain a fractional Chief Financial Officer
  • Develop & Execute Long Term Campaigns – 1) Movement: Donations/Sponsorship, Fundraising and Membership; 2) Social Enterprise: Attract Program Directors/Sponsors; 3) Roundtable: Attract Hosts and Participants; 4) Volunteers
  • Reach 2 Million Potential Community Members
  • Attract and Onboard 36 Social Enterprise Program Directors minimum
  • Attract and Onboard Minimum of 18 Lounge Hosts – 30 Optimal – Launch Redesigned Roundtable by end Q1
  • Attract and Onboard Volunteer Coordinators – 1) Admin; 2) Content; 3) Financials; 4) Organizational; 5) Human Resources; 6) Operations; 7) Social Enterprise
  • Attract Podcast Hosts and Build Channel to Share Message with Diversity

Our Offerings for 2023

Peace building starts with youWe’ve got some exiting opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Creating Community, Raising Awareness, Promoting Peace while having FUNdraising
  • Social Enterprise – Learning and Earning: Learn Business Development, Event Planning, Personal Development. Earn 50% of Net profit from Social Enterprise Fundraising Events. Prosperity Promotes Peace
  • Roundtable Opportunities to Gather Virtually – Build Relationships & Trust – Conversations that Matter
  • Guest Hosting for Live and Let Live Roundtable (monthly 60-90 minute commitment)
  • Business Listings for 3LM Members
  • Alliance Organizations Listings for 3LM Members
  • Peer-to-Peer FUNdraising Campaign Competitions
  • A Platform for Your Voice of Freedom and Peace

Our Process for 2023

Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement - Powered by Principles2022 gave us the opportunity to draw a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers to prepare the way for our future growth. Live and Let Live 2023 goals and objectives are now in place and we hope to outperform them. We are so grateful. We’ll be launching a Social Media Campaign to ignite activity across the web in March 2023. We will have several new hosts for the Lounges that share a passion for peace and work with other organizations, too. Collaborative alliances and philosophical explorations can be fostered in the Lounges. We can all share the stage and support one another in the process. No more silos, unintended as they may be. Our introduction of the Social Enterprise opportunity with Live and Let Live evolves would-be volunteers into paid performers, aka Program Directors, with a 50% share of net profits for fundraising events created under the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement banner. Program Directors have access to all the templates and tools necessary, created by the Live and Let Live Foundation, to initiate, perform, and track results. Peace happens with prosperity and learning how to work together better toward it. Volunteers become Leaders for PeaceYou can Join and apply to become a Roundtable Host or a Program Director via these links: Become a Member Become a Volunteer Roundtable Host Application Program Director Application
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