We grew to 30+ chapters in 20+ countries !

live and let live global peace movementThe Live and Let Live Movement (3LM) began in August of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. When you join the Live and Let Live Movement, your addition to the organic growth indicates a real desire and readiness for something different. 

Our membership is growing daily with on-ground and virtual chapters in formation. The on-ground chapters were slow to develop through the pandemic, though the Message attracted many community leaders.

Are you desiring a free society and peace in the world? We’ve got a way to achieve it. The Message is reaching the ears and eyes of thousands through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter with Peace Radicals and 3LM Foundation on YouTube.

Please like, follow, subscribe and, most of all, share. Together, and through multiple mediums, we can build a large community globally in a relatively short amount of time and, as Gandhi would say, “Be the change.”

The Live and Let Live Movement (3LM) is open to all people who accept the Live and Let Live Philosophy (3LP) as well as the corresponding Moral (Be an Excellent Human) and Legal (Don’t Aggress) Principles. The Live and Let Live Movement welcomes people of all countries, all races, all national origins, any economic status, any sexual orientation, all faiths and people of no faith.

Any person who truly accepts the Live and Let Principle is welcome and encouraged to join the Movement. Facilitating the calibration of law for freedom and exampling being good humans for peace is our cooperative activity.

Join the Live and Let Live Movement

You can easily join the Live and Let Live Movement below by simply filling out the form below. Your information is sacred. You’ll receive a series of on-boarding emails, six total, that will inform and inspire your participation in sharing the Message and Movement. The emails will be from Live and Let Live Movement and contact@liveandletlive.org.

Live and Let Live Movement

A Practical Political Philosophy


For all humans to live in freedom with the opportunity to prosper and pursue their happiness in any peaceful way they choose.


To inspire people to adopt and promote The Live and Let Live Legal Principle (Don’t Aggress) as a foundation for all law, and The Live and Let Live Moral Principle (Be an Excellent Human) to achieve global peace.


To calibrate the law for freedom and inspire people to live in peace.

Value Proposition:

The Live and Let Live Foundation (3LF) educates people about both freedom and peace, and promotes The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement (3LM). The Live and Let Live message empowers people to easily communicate important ideas to others in a way that resonates with reasonable people around the world.

We inspire people of character to join our global community of Ambassadors, Chapter Leaders and Influencers to improve the world for everyone. The 3LF provides opportunities for communities to actively engage, explore, practice, apply, and promote the Live and Let Live Principle (3LP).

The 3LF also provides guidance and supports the Live and Let Live community with assistance for activities, festivals, conferences, fundraising activities, information, training and meeting templates. This offers opportunities to collaborate, communicate and co-create activities that meet chapter needs as well as promote the 3LM.

Join the Live and Let Live Movement

I agree to adopt and promote the Live and Let Live Practical Political Philosophy Legal and Moral Principles (Don't Aggress and Be an Excellent Human). I understand I will recieve a series of onboarding emails designed to inform and engage by registering below. (See "The Principle” for full details.)
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