While we always remain open-minded to receive any new facts, it appears clear Russia has initiated an aggression against Ukraine. Unfortunately, we are once again reminded we live in a world filled with aggression. This should be no surprise given our collective failure to denounce all forms of aggression from whatever source. That an act of aggression is initiated by a country or a government is irrelevant to the idea that aggression is wrong in all cases. It matters not that aggression is perpetrated by an individual, a group, a corporation, or a government.

We should stand with all victims of aggression in all cases. If we desire peace, we must take a principled position against all forms of aggression in all cases. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the people of Ukraine as they heroically endeavor to resist this aggression by Russia. On this unfortunate and historic day of violence, we call on the reasonable people of the world to unite together and support the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement to champion the notion that people should live together in peace free from all forms of aggression. If we do not insist on a world that outlaws all forms of aggression, we will never realize peace. This is a time for action. We urge you to be part of the solution.

– Marc J. Victor

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