Episode 19 – Live and Let Live: The Road to Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness.

The Peace Radicals Marc J. Victor and Andy Marcantel start off by discussing Hawai‘i; they talk about the process of being admitted there, the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm in Honolulu, the Aloha Spirit, and the 3L Movement launch scheduled to take place there. Marc explains the process and purpose of writing his book, Live and Let Live: The Road to Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness.

Andy plays devil’s advocate in an attempt to find things that could go wrong if the 3LP was integrated into the law; such as jury nullification. They explain that jury nullification is when the jury decides that the right thing to do was to violate the law (or the 3LP). Andy explains what could go wrong if juries started implementing this, considering everyone has different morals. They conclude the show by talking about the future of the Peace Radicals Podcast.

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