Episode 27 – Peter Apo

On episode 27 of The Peace Radicals Marc J. Victor and Andy Marcantel converse with special guest, Peter Apo. Peter is a Native Hawaiian with a very extensive background as a politician and as a musician. As a Native Hawaiian, Peter has intimate knowledge of what it means to be Hawaiian, to live the aloha spirit, and the history of the state. He explains the concept of aloha and connects it to the Live and Let Live Movement. He says that many of the aspirational values of the movement are the same as what it means to live life aloha. Peter shares some of the history of Hawai‘i and concludes that people are ready for something new. Marc ponders on the most effective way to introduce the movement to the people of Hawai‘i. They end the episode by talking about why the aspirational values are so important.

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