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The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement

The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement is a global peace movement with members in many different countries throughout the world who have come together and are united by a desire to effectively promote our highest level of freedom, peace, and prosperity for all humans.  Instead of merely wishing, marching, or voicing a desire for these goals, the Movement offers a workable and detailed blueprint for how we could achieve them.  We inspire people to urgently take coordinated action to achieve freedom, peace, and prosperity as quickly as possible.  The Movement presents a new paradigm clearly defining the difference between legal and moral rules encouraging humans to voluntarily interact with each other to achieve these goals.

The Movement promotes the “Live and Let Live Philosophy” which is a practical peace philosophy derived from the phrase “live and let live.”   To “live” means competent adults are in charge of their lives.  As such, they should decide for themselves how best to both define and peacefully pursue their happiness.  To “let live” means to allow other competent adults the same reciprocal right to peacefully live their lives however they choose.  The Movement seeks to both outlaw all acts of aggression while inspiring people to voluntarily live as excellent humans employing the highest of character and bringing forth the best versions of themselves.

The Live and Let Live Principles

The Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy employs two fundamental principles. The Live and Let Live Moral Principle encourages all people to act as excellent humans and advocates for several voluntary aspirational values.  The goal is to optimize human happiness and well-being while reducing suffering.  The Live and Let Live Legal Principle seeks to calibrate all laws to prohibit all acts of aggression whether engaged in by any person, group, corporation, or government.  Moral rules describe how we should treat others, while legal rules mandate how we must not treat others.  Understanding the difference is indispensable to achieving freedom, peace, and prosperity.

The Live and Let Live Foundation

The Live and Let Live Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity providing a mechanism to educate about freedom and peace as well as to garner support through donations and sponsorships.

Join the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement

I endorse the Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy consisting of a Moral Principle, encouaging people to be excellent humans, and a Legal Principle, seeking to outlaw all acts of aggression. Please keep me informed about the Movement.

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  • I met Marc J. Victor through his activity in forwarding freedom with his law firm and presenting the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. I have had good experience with the Live and Let Live Movement, supported by the Moral and Legal Principles that address human interaction and the process toward freedom and peace. I'm passionate about world peace and, as a clinical psychologist, find the Principles to be a solid foundation for building solid aspirational values.

    Dr. Michael R. Edelstein
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • This is THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK anyone can do while journeying through this earthly realm. Promote free and respectful interaction CONSISTENTLY. I intend to partner with this organization to generate synergy so the ideas will one day spread like flames in a dry field of tinder wood.

    Peter Wilson
    Port Angeles, Washington, USA
  • I was introduced to the Live and Let Live Movement and loved the Principle. It supports my mission and business intentions. I have spoken about my involvement and shared the website in my newsletter and in a webinar. I have daily discussions with my clients about the movement.

    Karen Seegert
    Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
  • I am the founding president and CEO of Face of Liberty International, an organization saddled with expanding African continent growth by working with a network of independent partner organizations that promote free market, individual freedom and are devoted to pinpointing and expunging any blockage to human success. Since I got connected with the 3LM, I have made it a matter of passion to share the idea in my local territory. I have also taken the Principle being preached to Universities in Nigeria.

    Leonard Ogunweide
    Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
  • Any movement for Global Peace is of interest to me, but what stands out about Live and Let Live is the focus on personal freedom, zero aggression and a commitment to acceptance of anything that does not cause harm. My connection and conversation with Zen has been my initial inspiration, I am looking forward to learning more and finding how I can add value to the movement and share its benefits.

    Stephan Karbaron
    Barcelona, Spain
  • I am new to the movement and still learning. With all the things going on in the world I long for peace and freedom which attracted me to the movement. As a new member I am still observing the activities of the movement. I hope walking the talk will inspire me to do the same.

    Christina Glazar
    Redding, California, USA
  • I was invited to learn about the Live and Let Live Movement at an event in Hawaii. Marc J. Victor's eloquent and deeply thoughtful practical political philosophy captivated me immediately. I truly see a concrete way forward for freedom and peace.

    Jennifer Hunt
  • Live and Let Live is the first initiative that offers a comprehensive vision for the things I care about: sustainability, peace and prosperity for all. Marc J. Victor’s low ego, positive and tenacious leadership is exactly what was needed to bring Live and Let Live to the world. There is no earthly cause more meaningful than global peace and no easy answers to achieve it, but the Live and Let Live framework is the most efficacious and hopeful path I’ve seen.

    Robbie Miles
    London, England
  • I met Marc J. Victor in a video chat with a mutual friend, and it became obvious in our discussion that he had put a lot of thought into his concept and plans for the Live and Let Live Movement.  The ideals inform me in my local political activism, and I believe that is its greatest practical strength.  I am clear in my vision for freedom and peace, and I bring my clarity to the local political meetings I attend and to all the local political events that I help to organize.

    John Howard
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • I find the Live and Let Live Moral and Legal Principles to be a unifying force for everyone to engage the potential of freedom and peace through working together. The Movement's capacity for inspired activity is already evident with chapters in place around the globe. Marc's visionary practical political philosophy rocks!

    Zen Benefiel
    Chandler, Arizona, USA

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