Are you wondering why the world is in so much chaos? Does it feel like we are on the brink of a civil war? Are you wondering why we can’t get along? Are you frustrated with the endless bickering between Republicans and Democrats? Coronavirus isn’t to blame. The problem isn’t our failure to elect the right person. Look in the mirror. We are to blame.

We are the cause of our own problems. Fortunately, we are also the solution. We can bring about a much more free, peaceful, and virtuous world where people live in harmony and celebrate differences. I’m not pushing any religious views on you. People of faith and people of no faith can peacefully coexist just fine. So can all reasonable people; regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or even economic status. We don’t need to have an endless struggle with each other. It needs to end immediately.

I’m suggesting one critically important principle to you: Live and Let Live. Can you get on board with this idea? Can you truly accept that competent adults have the right to peacefully live their lives as they choose; even if they choose to live in ways you morally disagree with? Or, ways that are unhealthy? Or, unwise? All we need to do is simply agree to Live and Let Live. Does this seem too simple and naïve? To the extent we have allowed others to peacefully live their lives as they choose, freedom and peace have resulted.
Prosperity follows freedom and peace.

We urgently need to unite around the principle that initiating aggression, even to achieve laudable goals, is always wrong. All laws should reflect this basic principle. Without first agreeing upon this basic principle, arguing about anything else is a waste of time. I’m not advocating pacifism. Reasonable self-defense is a response to aggression; not aggression itself.

If we truly believe all people ought to have equal rights, we need a Movement that has such a principle as the anchor of its philosophy. Let’s commit to aspirational values such as tolerance, open mindedness, voluntary kindness, rational thought, honesty, civility and a commitment to pursuing truth.

We must recognize that in order for you to live the life you want in peace and freedom you must extend that same right to your neighbor. Your right to pursue your life as you choose cannot infringe upon another’s to do the same. If we all adhere to this simple truth, we can live in a free and prosperous society where human happiness is maximized and suffering is minimized. It’s that simple. We must oppose all forms of initiated aggression if we are ever to achieve a peaceful world. We can solve our problems within this pro-peace framework.

I challenge you to seriously envision a world where all laws are consistent with the Live and Let Live Principle.

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