3LM Media Submissions

Our efforts are only as strong as the support we receive from our membership and others striving for freedom and peace in the world. We want to help share appropriate articles, blogs, podcasts, videos and white papers that create a unified field of conscious efforts for the 3LM and others working toward global peace in our time.

We offer the opportunity to feature media. We invite you to submit your material, which we will credit, through the links below. You will be able to upload your material for review. We’ll reach out to you after approval and posting. 

Submissions are related to topics across the spectrum of freedom and peace relating to the moral or legal principle, and, of course, you retain the rights. The Foundation retains the right of choice to publish in part or in whole, with credit to the author and link for further contact. 

Thanks in advance for your contributions. Many voices are imperative to fulfill our collective mission of freedom and peace.

Please check out our articles, blog and channel.

Articles (1000 to 2500 words)

Blogs (500 – 1000 words)

Podcasts (individual)

Videos (2 – 5 minutes)

White Papers (research with citations)

Video Links (any length or platform)

Video Testimonial (2 – 5 minutes max)

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