by Marc J. Victor – Founder

You certainly know a group of us located in various places around the world have endeavored to launch a global peace movement called, “Live and Let Live.”  We have been busy refining the message and retooling for success.  We are making our best efforts to put out the right message with the best tone to advance the cause of global freedom and peace.  We are saying what needs to be said with nothing more.

I’m very grateful to the many people who have helped advance this effort thus far.  Yes, I know it’s a monumental task.  I have no illusions.

I don’t know whether we will be successful at changing the world.  Thus far, not many have been able to do so in a significant way. Indeed, nobody has been able to change it politically in such a way as to foster freedom and peace.  Many say we are speeding in the wrong direction globally and time is running out to change the world.  This may be true.  Our efforts may not be successful.

However, that analysis entirely misses the point.  You control only you.  Have you spent any time thinking about your purpose in life?  Like me, you probably have many goals.  What will matter to you on your deathbed?  I suspect it won’t be how much money you made or how well respected you are among people you hardly know.

You may find yourself wondering if you acted with the highest of character in all things while you could.  Maybe you will consider whether you made your best efforts to help improve life on Earth for those who come next?  Will you be proud and at peace with what you did with the short time you got to be alive?  I hope so.

I’m not suggesting you should invest all your time in such endeavors.  You should also enjoy the time you have to be alive.  However, I am suggesting you should invest some time and reasonable best efforts to do something ambitious to improve the world.  What others do is not your concern.  Be proud of YOUR efforts.  Are you?

I’m once again inviting you to help with the most important project in the world.  If not us, then who will do it?  If not now, then when?  Maybe you could help improve the message?  Maybe you have some talent or skill to help get the message out?  Maybe you are in a position to donate some money?  I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I’m not doing myself.  While I’ll continue to make my best efforts to advance the project, donations allow us to employ web designers, pay key people, and market the message.

We have invested time and effort to lay the groundwork for a successful global peace movement.  We are making our best efforts for success.  We are getting closer to a formal launch.  My book is getting closer to being completed.  I’m happy to personally meet with you to discuss what we are doing, listen to any suggestions you have, and to discuss how you could help if you are so inclined.

I recognize you are free to do nothing and simply delete this email.  I’ll take you off this list with a simple response asking me to do so.  No problem.  You may also be doing other things to help improve the world.  While I’ll argue your efforts are best invested with this project, I understand reasonable minds disagree.  Again, no problem.  I’ll continue to make my best efforts in any event.

However, if you want to do something to help build a global peace movement based on a legal principle of non-aggression and a recommended moral principle inspiring people to act as excellent humans, let me know.  I’d be honored to work with you to make our collective best efforts at improving the world.  I’ve met some spectacularly wonderful people along the way.  Think about the type of person who both agrees with this message and to invest some of their precious time to assist with this massive project.  I’d be happy to introduce you to them as well.  Thanks for reading!!



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