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How Live and Let Live Came to Life

In 2019, I was sitting in Dr. Rick Fisher’s backyard in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Rick has been my buddy since 1994 when we met at a philosophical discussion group.  As usual, we discussed our favorite things; political philosophy, other aspects of philosophy, law, economics, history, life in general, and whatever else arose.  

We began discussing a familiar concept we both believe is critically important.  Simply put, we are both men of peace.  While we support the right to appropriate self-defense, we are both firmly against all aggression.  

Said another way, we believe people should interact voluntarily or not at all.  We both view all involuntary interactions between humans as wrong.  Rick and I have been discussing all aspects of this conclusion for many years.  We have beat to death questions about defining, responding to, and avoiding aggression.  

Group 297

Marc J. Victor

We each concluded long ago that we are against aggression on all issues, at all times, in all circumstances, for all people, groups of people, corporations, and even governments. Instead, we favor voluntary transactions between consenting adults, cooperation, freedom, and peace. We know we could dramatically improve the world if enough people adopted a firm and uncompromising stance against all acts of aggression.

While we both have ideas about how people should live and are happy to share them with anyone willing to listen, we recognize we run only our own lives.  However, that we recognize we don’t run the lives of others doesn’t mean we don’t care about their lives.  Indeed, we both desire that people voluntarily make good choices with their lives.  We are firmly committed to actively optimizing human happiness and well-being.  To this end, we enthusiastically attempt to act as excellent humans at all times and to persuade others to do the same.  This is the essence of how we define what it means to live and let live.  

That evening, Rick and I concluded that the phrase “live and let live” best describes the essence of our political philosophy.  The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement was born that evening in Flagstaff, Arizona, under a beautiful starlit sky.  The Movement garnered its first two members.  Minutes later, and for a fee of a few thousand dollars, I owned www.LiveandLetLive.org.  I was full of big ideas to improve life on Earth.  We lit the fire that continues to burn in my heart to this day.  I consider all members of The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement my closest brothers and sisters.  I’m most grateful and honored to be working on the world’s most important project with them!

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