Due to our ever increasing technology, smaller groups of people can create massive harm to us all. Small groups of people can and must also act in unison toward freedom and peace for it to happen. We need to urgently unite around a basic principle that allows every competent adult to define and pursue their happiness in any way they peacefully choose.

The cost of achieving freedom and peace is that we must agree not to forcefully impose our personal moral views on others. We call for the world’s people of conscience to unite and organize the laws of the world around a principle we call the “Live and Let Live Philosophy.”

If you are frustrated and tired of the status quo, politics, and all the chaos we see daily in the media, The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement is for you.

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We Promote a Practical Political Philosophy:

The Live and Let Live Philosophy

The Live and Let Live Philosophy contains two sub-parts or principles. The end goal? To separate our own personal morality from the law for the purpose of achieving global peace.

One Philosophy, two parts:

Part One – To “Live”

This means you are in charge of your life. You get to define and pursue your own happiness; you get to decide how to live your life on your own terms. You should be solely in charge of your body, all your peacefully acquired property and money, and all your time. Stated simply, you are in charge of you. You own your life! Be an Excellent Human.

That said, the Live and Let Live Movement intentionally seeks to inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be. We urge you to stop for a moment and reflect on the good and the not so good about your existence on this planet. We challenge you to bring a new and best possible version of yourself to the planet.

Bring that best version, not for us, not for the rest, but for you! You are in charge of your happiness. Own it! You are in charge of your own mind, body, property, and time. Own yourself and everything that implies.

The Live and Let Live Movement seeks to inspire all people to simply be good humans. While we may disagree about some aspects of being a good human, most people have a general idea of the concept. We embrace and promote the aspirational values that will take your life to the next level.

We refer to this effort to inspire others to voluntarily be good humans as, “The Live and Let Live Moral Principle.” To “Be an Excellent Human” means to accept and promote certain aspirational values.

The aspirational values we promote are as follows:
  • High Character
  • Commitment to Mutual Benefit
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Compassion & Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Civility & Respect
  • Commitment to Truth, Facts, and Rational Thought
  • Justice
  • Building High Levels of Trust

We promote these aspirational values because we seek to optimize human happiness and wellbeing while also reducing all suffering. Indeed, this is the overall goal of the moral principle.

If more people voluntarily adopt these aspirational values, we will improve our chances of achieving global peace.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be happier, healthier, and more ethical people. Let’s also seek to make the lives of those around us less complicated and more fulfilling.

We seek to empower YOU to be in charge of your decisions, actions, and outcomes.

What is an Excellent Human?

In Our Founder’s Words…

I suspect you already have a sufficient general understanding of what this means.  However, as with the 3L Legal Principle, honest disagreement is at the edges.  That notwithstanding, there is more agreement than disagreement regarding the general meaning of simply being an excellent human.  While being an excellent human certainly requires that a person not aggress against others, it also includes the following aspirational values: 

    • High Character – A person’s character results from their core values and motivations for acting.  It is the quality of doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Traits like integrity, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, accountability, compassion, empathy, gratitude, fairness, patience, fortitude, and others that promote good behavior encompass this concept.  The traditional four virtues present in both ancient philosophy as well as in many of the world’s most successful moral traditions include practical wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance or balance.  The 3L Moral Principle specifically promotes these four virtues as part of aspiring to a high degree of moral character.  Always striving to improve one’s character and act accordingly is arguably the most basic, comprehensive, and important aspirational value.   

    • A Commitment to Thinking Win/Win – We should always seek ways to align our self-interest with the interests of others to achieve mutually beneficial results.  Not only does this approach foster free trade and thereby raise standards of living for both parties, but it also fosters cooperation, mutual benefit, long-term relationships, and a high level of trust.  Investing time to genuinely understand another person’s thinking, preferences, and proclivities to determine what constitutes a “win” for another person is a necessary prerequisite to achieving and engaging in a win/win agreement.  As such, carefully listening to others is an important skill to be refined to realize this aspirational value.        

    • Open-mindedness – We should always remain willing to consider new or different ideas, opinions, and conclusions from the ones we currently hold.  This open-mindedness should be the case for all issues.  If we confront a better idea, opinion, or determination, we should not be afraid to modify our current position on any subject.  This willingness to change does not mean we ought to be fickle.  However, we should recognize that none of us is perfect, and we all currently hold some incorrect views.  Remaining open-minded is the best way to learn and improve.  There is simply no downside to being open-minded.  

    • Tolerance – We should recognize that people look, speak, celebrate, love, think, act, and even live differently.  We should aspire to accept genuinely the peaceful behavior and beliefs of others that differ from our own, even if we do not personally agree with or approve of them.  We recognize that all people are imperfect and therefore act imperfectly at times.  Let’s resolve, at least legally, to tolerate the rights of others to live, however, they choose so long as they do not violate Rule #1.       

    • Voluntary Kindness Towards Others – We should aspire to be caring, compassionate, generous, and helpful towards others in need even when we are not required to do so, and there is nothing tangible to gain.  While we reject forced kindness, we seek to inspire people to voluntarily be kind towards others because it is the right thing to do and for the sake of creating a peaceful world.    

    • Civility Towards Others – We seek to inspire people to maintain a dignified demeanor of friendship, politeness, goodwill, and respect toward others.  We reject the idea of harboring unjustified hostility towards others, calling people derogatory names, or being rude.  We should set an example for others to emulate.  This remains the case even when others act in uncivilized ways.  Harboring anger, hostility, and resentment are unproductive and does not foster peace.  We can always agree to disagree in a calm and respectful way.  Let’s treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.       

    • A Commitment to Truth, Facts, and Rational Thought – We should be firmly committed to pursuing knowledge about what is objectively true about nature and the universe.  This commitment remains the case even if the facts of reality overthrow our current beliefs.  We should not cling to beliefs merely to be “right.”  Instead, we should pursue the limits of human knowledge wherever it leads.    

    • Building High Levels of Trust with Others – Trust is the foundation upon which all productive human relationships are built.  Our best relationships are the ones where we have earned a high level of trust.  We should never miss an opportunity to build trust with another person.  To build trust, we must first be trustworthy.  We should always act in ways that inspire others to believe in our integrity and underlying high character strongly.  We should encourage all people to honor their word and do what they promise to produce ever-increasing high levels of trust with others.   

    • Consistent Self-Improvement – We recognize no person is perfect.  We all make mistakes, which we should enthusiastically own, accept full responsibility for, and constructively learn from.  We should foster and maintain a commitment to excellence in all areas.  We each have countless opportunities to improve in all ways.  We recognize that learning is a life-long process requiring practice, diligence, and commitment.  As part of being an excellent human, the 3LM attempts to inspire all people to frequently bring the best new version of themselves forward and continually work towards self-improvement in all areas of life.   

This list of aspirational values is non-exhaustive.  These aspirational values, and possibly others, are necessary to achieve the 3LM’s overall goals of achieving global freedom and peace while optimizing human happiness and well-being and decreasing suffering.  To minimize the suffering of all sentient beings is an aspirational goal of many in the 3LM. 



Part Two – To “Let Live”

To properly observe the Live and Let Live Philosophy, and to promote freedom and peace, we must allow others the exact same right to also peacefully live their lives on their own terms. We must let others live even if we disagree with the peaceful choices they make. The cost of achieving peace is letting others do what you also have the right to do; to own and control their own lives. This is especially important when we find their choices to be immoral, unhealthy, unwise, or against their self-interest. We must legally respect the rights of others to peacefully do things we disagree with.

To aggress against another person’s body, property, money, or time is to violate the other person’s right to live their lives. Each competent adult owns their own life and the property they peacefully accumulate.

Therefore, The Live and Let Live Legal Principle prohibits all aggression and can be described with the simple phrase, “Don’t Aggress” As a legal principle of non-aggression, this phrase is not a suggestion. All laws ought to be in harmony with the Live and Let Live Legal Principle such that aggression, whether engaged in by any person, group, organization, corporation, or government, ought to be absolutely outlawed.

To outlaw aggression means to outlaw all initiations of force, all fraud, all coercion, and anything that creates a substantial risk or threat of harm to another person or their property. The Live and Let Live Legal Principle applies to all people equally, even if they form groups, organizations, corporations, or governments. We should never legally tolerate aggression regardless of the source.

In summary, we believe in the phrase, “live and let live” as a way for us to live together peacefully. That phrase, and several others such as, “live the golden rule” describes an underlying principle we refer to as, “The Live and Let Live Philosophy.” The Live and Let Live Philosophy can be divided into a “moral” principle and a “legal” principle.

The Live and Let Live Moral Principle seeks to inspire people to be excellent humans. The people in the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement agree with and promote the aspirational values described by this moral principle. However, we also recognize, and would defend, the legal rights of people to entirely reject the moral principle so long as they are peaceful.

The Live and Let Live Legal Principle seeks to outlaw all acts of aggression whether engaged in by any person, group, organization, corporation, or government. As such, The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement supports all laws that outlaw aggression, and opposes all laws that are calculated to achieve other goals. While we energetically advocate for other goals, we must achieve them peacefully and voluntarily rather than imposing our personal morality on others through the law.

In short, to live and let live requires that we each resolve to advocate for our own personal moral goals from outside the law while calibrating the law only to outlaw all acts of aggression from whatever source. There is no other way to achieve either freedom or peace.

The Live and Let Live Philosophy applies to all people equally regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religiosity or lack thereof, sexual orientation, economic status or any other immutable characteristic. We are all brothers and sisters. We should celebrate our diversity as we celebrate our lives. The path to global peace is clear, let’s simply live and let live!

I believe everyone can agree on the Live and Let Live Philosophy. I also believe people are powerful, especially when they collaborate with passion and purpose. We’ve created something more engaging and exciting than anything before in the history of world movements. At no other time in history have we been so concerned, connected and able to unite in this kind of activity. I invite you personally to learn more and be a part of the Live and Let Live Movement. Here are some examples of applying the 3L Legal Principle.

– Marc J. Victor, Founder

Check what people around the world have to say about how they chose to live their lives while also observing the Live and Let Live Moral Principle:
  • I loved meeting Zen. I loved the video from Marc on the website about the movement. I am most interested in changing legislation to reflect the legal principles because I am frustrated with government tax system as a form of coercive aggression and I will do anything to help change it.

    Tracy Tarlow – World Systems Solutions
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • Any movement for Global Peace is of interest to me, but what stands out about Live and Let Live is the focus on personal freedom, zero aggression and a commitment to acceptance of anything that does not cause harm. My connection and conversation with Zen has been my initial inspiration, I am looking forward to learning more and finding how I can add value to the movement and share its benefits.

    Stephan Karbaron
    Barcelona, Spain
  • I am new to the movement and still learning. With all the things going on in the world I long for peace and freedom which attracted me to the movement. As a new member I am still observing the activities of the movement. I hope walking the talk will inspire me to do the same.

    Christina Glazar
    Redding, California, USA
  • Your "Live and Let Live" movement is music to my ears, and what I have been yearning for, more than three decades now! I became aware of it through an apocalyptic chat with Zen and joined immediately. That long-term plans are to change laws and legislation to eliminate aggression is very appealing.

    John McDonald
    Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • I met Marc J. Victor through his activity in forwarding freedom with his law firm and presenting the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. I have had good experience with the Live and Let Live Movement, supported by the Moral and Legal Principles that address human interaction and the process toward freedom and peace. I'm passionate about world peace and as a clinical psychologist find the Principles to be a solid foundation for building solid aspirational values.

    Dr. Michael R. Edelstein
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • This is THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK anyone can do while journeying through this earthly realm. Promote free and respectful interaction CONSISTENTLY. I intend to partner with this organization to generate synergy so the ideas will one day spread like flames in a dry field of tinder wood.

    Peter Wilson
    Port Angeles, Washington, USA
  • I was introduced to the Live and Let Live Movement and loved the Principle. It supports my mission and business intentions. I have spoken about my involvement and shared the website in my newsletter and in a webinar. I have daily discussions with my clients about the movement.

    Karen Seegert
    Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
  • I am a philosopher, business man, creative writer and a passionate free market advocate. I joined 3LM in 2021 and grew very passionate about the 3LM founding principles. As a passionate Libertarian, I found 3LM as a platform to not only grow as a leader in the movement but also contribute in the success of the movement.

    John Nyangulu
    Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa
  • I am the founding president and CEO of Face of Liberty International, an organization saddled with expanding African continent growth by working with a network of independent partner organizations that promote free market, individual freedom and are devoted to pinpointing and expunging any blockage to human success. Since I got connected with the 3LM, I have made it a matter of passion to share the idea in my local territory. I have also taken the Principle being preached to Universities in Nigeria.

    Leonard Ogunweide
    Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
  • My 'why' in life, since a teenager, is to be the best human I can be in helping to facilitate harmony among people and planet. My podcast, One World in a New World, led me to interview the Founder and becoming Executive Director of the Foundation and Movement. I find the Live and Let Live Moral and Legal Principles to be a unifying force for everyone to engage the potential of freedom and peace through working together. The Movement's capacity for inspired activity is already evident with chapters in place across the globe.

    Zen Benefiel
    Chandler, Arizona, USA

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