Practical Peace Philosophy and Principles

The Live and Let Live Movement

The Live and Let Live Movement is a global peace movement promoting freedom and peace. The 3L Movement believes global freedom and peace can be achieved in our lifetime and lays out the answers to the fundamental questions of how to create freedom and peace ultimately, it addresses how we interact with each other.

The Movement is founded on the Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy, comprising two simple principles: “Live” and “Let Live,” offering concrete solutions for both freedom and peace. To “Live” means to Live your life. To “Let Live” means to allow others the same right to live their lives peacefully in any way they choose. The Live and Let Live Philosophy is best described as a practical peace philosophy.

The Live and Let Live Principles

Based on these two principles which are: the 3L Moral Principle – Be an Excellent Human and the 3L Legal Principle – Don’t Aggress, the Movement empowers people to embody its aspirational values to promote peace and to calibrate (assess and adjust) the law to remove aggression and create freedom. Morals are how we should treat each other and laws are how we must treat each other.

The Movement acknowledges the roles of both community and prosperity in the process of creating peace and offers opportunities to collaborate, communicate and co-create activities and events to build community and financial well-being through its social enterprises to further freedom and peace in the world.

The Movement’s two principles simplify and foster communication that inspire and resonate, creating an empathic resonance with people around the world, inviting collaboration to improve the world for everyone. It provides opportunities for people to actively engage, explore, practice, apply, and promote the Live and Let Live Philosophy.

The Live and Let Live Foundation

The Live and Let Live Foundation is a non-profit organization providing a mechanism to educate about freedom and peace as well as to garner support through donations and sponsorships.

Our Core Philosophy

The Movement offers two simple principles, that when followed, applied and implemented, will facilitate global freedom and peace, which is our goal. By removing all aggression from all laws, freedom is achieved. By all humans, being good people, peace is achieved. While simple, there is a need to explore, apply, and implement the principles in order to achieve our goal.

The Movement believes global peace can be achieved in our lifetime. The Movement lays out the answers to the fundamental questions of how to create freedom and peace by calibrating (assess and adjust) the laws and being an excellent human. To achieve this, it creates community and activities to explore and apply its principles.

The Movement is building a powerful global community and resources for creating freedom and peace, bringing together the key principles, people, prosperity, peace thought leaders, as well as donors and sponsors to create freedom and peace.

Join the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement

I endorse the Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy consisting of a Moral Principle, encouaging people to be excellent humans, and a Legal Principle, seeking to outlaw all acts of aggression. Please keep me informed about the Movement.

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