Marc J. Victor, Esq. is a practicing criminal defense attorney; certified Criminal Law Specialist by The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization and is admitted in Arizona & Hawai‘i. Marc has been zealously representing clients in serious state and federal criminal law matters for over 30 years.

Marc has always been interested in what rules are best to govern human interactions. It was this interest that inspired him to go to law school in 1992. While in law school, Marc was fortunate to have Butler Shaffer as his law professor

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Butler inspired Marc to think independently and deeply about the nature of human freedom. Since Marc’s law school graduation in 1994, Marc has been a tireless activist for advancing the cause of human freedom for all people. Marc believes all competent adults own themselves and their lives.

Marc has represented clients in more than a thousand major felony cases including first and second-degree murder, sex cases, gun cases, major drug cases, complex white-collar cases, federal appeals, high-profile civil rights, personal injury, and other complex state and federal matters.

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