Check what people around the world have to say about how they chose to live their lives while also observing the Live and Let Live Moral Principle:
  • Any movement for Global Peace is of interest to me, but what stands out about Live and Let Live is the focus on personal freedom, zero aggression and a commitment to acceptance of anything that does not cause harm. My connection with Zen has been my initial inspiration, I am looking forward to learning more and finding how I can add value to the movement and share its benefits.

    Stephan Karbaron
    Barcelona, Spain
  • I am new to the movement and still learning. With all the things going on in the world I long for peace and freedom which attracted me to the movement. As a new member I am still observing the activities of the movement. I hope walking the talk will inspire me to do the same.

    Christina Glazar
    Redding, California, USA
  • Your "Live and Let Live" movement is music to my ears, and what I have been yearning for, more than three decades now! 

    John McDonald
    Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • I have had good experience with the Live and Let Live Movement. I'm passionate about world peace and as a clinical psychologist find the Principle to be a solid foundation for building solid aspirational values.

    Dr. Michael R. Edelstein
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • This is THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK anyone can do while journeying through this earthly realm. Promote free and respectful interaction CONSISTENTLY. I intend to partner with this organization to generate synergy so the ideas will one day spread like flames in a dry field of tinder wood.

    Peter Wilson
    Port Angeles, Washington, USA
  • I was introduced to the Live and Let Live Movement and loved the Principle. It supports my mission and business intentions. I have spoken about my involvement and shared the website in my newsletter and in a webinar. I have daily discussions with my clients about the movement.

    Karen Seegert
    Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
  • I am a philosopher, business man, creative writer and a passionate free market advocate. I joined 3LM in 2021 and grew very passionate about the 3LM founding principles. As a passionate Libertarian, I found 3LM as a platform to not only grow as a leader in the movement but also contribute in the success of the movement.

    John Nyangulu
    Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa
  • I am the founding president and CEO of Face of Liberty International, an organization saddled with expanding African continent growth by working with a network of independent partner organizations that promote free market, individual freedom and are devoted to pinpointing and expunging any blockage to human success. Since I got connected with the 3LM, I have made it a matter of passion to share the idea in my local territory. I have also taken the Principle being preached to Universities in Nigeria.

    Leonard Ogunweide
    Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
  • My 'why' in life, since a teenager, is to be the best human I can be and help facilitate harmony among people and planet. I found the Live and Let Live Principle to be a unifying force for everyone to engage the possibility. The Movement's capacity for inspired activity is already evident with chapters in place across the globe.

    Zen Benefiel
    Chandler, Arizona, USA
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