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We wholeheartedly invite you to join the Live and Let Live Foundation and Global Peace Movement as we strive for freedom and peace through the Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy. Our mission is rooted in two fundamental principles: “Be an Excellent Human” (3L Moral Principle) and “Don’t Aggress” (3L Legal Principle). Together, let’s create a world where kindness, civility and open-mindedness thrive, fostering freedom and peace.

As a Live and Let Liver, you hold the power to make a real difference.

We offer various volunteer opportunities to channel your passion for freedom and peace. Whether participating in community-building events, engaging in thoughtful discussions about the practical peace philosophy, or utilizing your unique skills, your involvement contributes to positive change. Together, we can build an inclusive and peaceful society, where everyone can Live and Let Live.

Step forward and let your dedication inspire others. By advocating for laws that promote freedom and compassion, your support will have a lasting impact, creating a world where freedom and peace prevail.

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