Become an Ambassador

Dear Future Ambassador,

We are thrilled to invite you to join the Live and Let Live Foundation and Global Peace Movement as an Ambassador for freedom and peace. Our mission is guided by the Live and Let Live Practical Peace Philosophy, rooted in the principles of “Be an Excellent Human” (3L Moral Principle) and “Don’t Be an Aggressor” (3L Legal Principle). Together, we aim to create a world where kindness, empathy, and respect flourish, fostering freedom, peace, unity and understanding among all.

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As an Ambassador, you play a vital role in promoting positive change. Your passion for freedom and peace can be channeled through various volunteer opportunities. Whether participating in community-building events, engaging in peace advocacy campaigns, or offering your unique expertise, your involvement makes a tangible difference. Together, we can build an inclusive and harmonious society, where everyone can live and let live.
Step forward as a future Ambassador, and let your dedication inspire others. Your support, as an advocate for laws that promote freedom and compassion, will have a lasting impact on creating a world where freedom and peace prevail.

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