Jennifer Hunt, MAC

Executive Director

In March of 2022, Jennifer joined the Live and Let Live Leadership Team along with Zen Benefiel as Co-Directors, becoming Executive Director as they navigated the development of the organization.

Jennifer is a results driven real estate investment executive and communications professional leading diverse teams to accomplish great feats while having fun. With almost two decades of integrated communications experience and a decade of management and executive experience, Jennifer has worked with iconic brands often in demanding, operation critical capacities.

With extensive training, graduate-level education, and experience in leadership, management, performance, and motivation, she has delivered annual revenues of $120M, managed a $10M budget, implemented cultural change, and delivered monthly sales team revenues of $150,000. With Green Belt Lean Sensei training, she’s laser-focused on improving business productivity and efficient processes.

Capable of a full-range of general management responsibilities in large, fast-paced, corporations, she leads the development, implementation, and management of strategic and tactical initiatives.

Recognized for her ability to adapt to and overcome challenging circumstances and provide calm, clear direction, she uses critical thinking, her abilities to triage and to synthesize complex information into key action steps and messages to transform visions into concrete achievements – all while tending to relationships with utmost diplomacy and optimism.

One of Jennifer’s biggest passions is empowering women. She founded not-for-profit networking groups and events such as Women on Track and Fashion for your Future and was on the board of directors for the Association of Women in Finance.

Jen is thrilled to help lead the Live and Let Live Movement; all humans deserve to live their lives in liberty, with economic freedom and peace.

As an internationally certified sailing captain and certified to drive a locomotive, Jennifer is ‘certifiably’ an adventure and travel junkie – while being grounded in safety, operations, leadership, and yes, even SOPs.

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