John Howard

Ambassador & Council Member

Native of Los Angeles. Studied clarinet & saxophone from age 8. Played clarinet as a teenager in a marching band for the parade scene in the movie “Hello Dolly!” Engineering student at UCLA at the moment the Internet (then called “Arpanet”) was turned on for the first time. Graduated from UCLA in their first ever class in Computer Science. MBA from USC. First became a freedom movement activist in 1980 for local issues and political campaigns. Organized a 2-day “freedom music festival”. Freelance software developer and owner/manager of residential apartment houses.

Moved to SF Bay area. Organized freedom-themed supper clubs in 3 cities that featured monthly speakers for over 20 years. Started a software development consultancy of 12 engineers. Started and ran a 14-piece jazz and ballroom dance orchestra with a monthly dance series for 25 years, recorded 5 albums, recorded a soundtrack for an award-winning short film, and performed at music festivals in western states. Executive director for a 3-day regional jazz festival. Greatest achievement: Single-handedly developed, hosted, and maintained a software app for the automotive aftermarket, which became a “world standard” in auto repair shops worldwide for over 10 years. Sold my interest & retired. Continued political activism with freedom-oriented political parties.

Moved to North Idaho. Got involved as a freedom political activist in local issues. Joined forces with the “live and let live movement”.

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