Leonard Ogunweide

Marketing Director

Leonard A. Ogunweide, a Nigerian trans-disciplinary manager, boasts a diverse skill set and a rich history of contributions across multiple domains. Armed with a Statistics Bachelor’s Degree, Leonard excels in quantitative analysis and data interpretation. He holds certifications in Business, Project, and Product Management, demonstrating his proficiency in overseeing various facets of organizational functions.

Notably, Leonard has an extensive two-decade plus track record of volunteering in human development sectors, dedicating his expertise to tackle societal challenges. As the CEO of Face of Liberty International, he champions freedom, equity, and justice, initiating programs to empower individuals and advocate for human rights.

As a certified Marketing and Communication Specialist, Leonard serves as the Global Marketing Director at the Live and Let Live Foundation, leveraging his marketing prowess and international reach to raise awareness and support for the organization’s mission.

Beyond his professional achievements, Leonard enjoys swimming and traveling, using these leisure activities to unwind and broaden his horizons. Swimming doubles as both recreation and exercise, promoting physical and mental well-being, while traveling provides him with diverse cultural experiences and perspectives, nurturing his creativity and problem-solving skills. Leonard is recognized as “the problem solver” due to his commitment to making a positive impact on society and his ability to devise innovative solutions.

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