Introduction: Pioneering Paths to Freedom and Peace: Embracing the 3LM Philosophy

By Zen Benefiel

Throughout the annals of human history, philosophers, visionaries, and leaders have embarked on the noble quest to illuminate the path toward a world where freedom and peace reign supreme. They have grappled with the complexities of societal structures, governance, and human nature, weaving their dreams of a harmonious existence into the fabric of human thought. Today, we stand at a crucial juncture in this timeless journey, armed with the profound wisdom of those who came before us, and fueled by the unwavering belief that global freedom and peace are not just aspirations but achievable realities.

Setting the Stage for 3LM’s Exploration:

As we embark on this exploration of the Live and Let Live Movement’s (3LM) Practical Political Philosophy, we are reminded that our quest builds upon the foundations laid by generations of thinkers who sought to guide humanity toward a brighter tomorrow. 3LM carries forward the torch of these philosophical endeavors, offering a unique perspective rooted in the simple yet profound principles of “Live” and “Let Live.” These principles beckon us to embrace the beauty of living our own lives while allowing others the same privilege in peace and harmony.

Emotional Importance of Achieving Global Freedom and Peace:

The pursuit of global freedom and peace is not merely an intellectual exercise; it is an emotional imperative that resonates with the deepest recesses of the human spirit. It speaks to our yearning for a world where the shackles of oppression and conflict are replaced by the wings of liberty and cooperation. It embodies the collective dream of countless souls who have endured the ravages of war, injustice, and strife, and who now place their hopes in a philosophy that offers a practical roadmap to a more compassionate and just world.

The Journey Begins with Moral and Legal Foundations:

Our voyage through the 3LM philosophy commences with a fundamental understanding of its moral and legal foundations. The 3LM movement stands upon two pillars: the 3L Moral Principle – “Be an Excellent Human,” and the 3L Legal Principle – “Don’t Aggress.” These principles are not mere words but guiding beacons that illuminate our path toward a world where individuals, communities, and nations can coexist in mutual respect and prosperity.

The moral principle beckons us to be the best versions of ourselves, to extend kindness and empathy to our fellow humans, and to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. The legal principle, on the other hand, calls for an end to aggression and violence, advocating for a legal framework that upholds the principles of peace, freedom, and justice.

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