A Collection of Stories of Connection

Our lives are made up of amazing stories we often do not get the opportunity to share. Last century, we still did not understand the importance of following breadcrumbs to find riches. Many philosophers and scientists alike began noticing the interconnectedness of thoughts and things; the notion that where we put our attention, intention and interaction attracts or magnetizes people, places and things. The Live and Let Live Movement is very much that kind of activity and we want to transform the stigma of ‘coincidence’ to the awe and warmness of ‘synchronicity.’

The more evidence we can show of how you and others have been attracted to the 3L Movement, the more practical and pragmatic activity can proceed. Our gatherings around the globe and virtually will grow accordingly. To that end and purpose, we ask you to share your story of how you found the Live and Let Live Movement. What and/or who lead you to us. We’d love to know! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. Every story is important. Together, they weave a new story that leads us toward freedom and peace in our lifetimes.

My Discovery Path to 3LM

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