Interesting in Becoming a Social Enterprise Program Director?

Beginning in the first quarter of 2023, we’ll be introducing a social enterprise opportunity for evolving volunteers to earners and learners as Program Directors. How?

Program Directors will have access to templates and tools for creating fundraising events of many kinds, depending on your interest and skill set. The Foundation shares 50% of the net revenue with the Program Directors. We’re working on corporate sponsors for seed money to fund up-front costs while promoting good stewardship for the corporations.

Our beta test is in process and we’ll document each step so that it is an easy-to-follow process with done-for-you Live and Let Live branded materials. These events promote the Live and Let Live Movement through attracting and presenting local businesses, corporations and organizations in a new light – promoting peace and freedom.

Program Directors can now make money doing what they love, bringing people of purpose together, freeing them to do more good in the communities they serve.

Just fill out the form below to be considered as we introduce the social enterprise opportunity in 2023.

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