It is important to signal your agreement with and support for the Movement by formally joining the Movement which can be done from the website. There is no cost to simply join the Movement. People who join and promote the Live and Let Live Movement are a varied group necessarily possessing different skills, talents, preferences, and inclinations. Some people are well suited to write and speak to promote the Movement. We encourage and are happy to assist people with most writing or speaking projects. We are also happy to coordinate efforts with people desiring to start or join local chapters or to hold conferences or festivals to promote the Movement. We host a blog on our website to facilitate discussion. We have a wide variety of live and let live merchandise available for purchase on the website.

Simply encouraging people in your social network to visit and share for more information is also strongly encouraged. People can support our Movement by donating money to help promote the Movement. 100% of all donations are tax-deductible in the United States and are used solely to promote the Movement. More people living their lives in accordance with the Live and Let Live Principle is our best advertising as well as our ultimate goal.

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