The Live and Let Movement is anchored to the Live and Let Principle as its basic foundational principle. The Live and Let Live Principle can be sub-divided into a Legal Principle and a Moral Principle. The difference between the two is that no person, group, corporation, or government should be free to violate the Legal Principle while the Moral Principle is advisory only.

The Legal Principle, which outlaws all acts of aggression, is derived from the basic common denominator of the most widely accepted moral, philosophical, enlightenment, and religious traditions. Opposing aggression while promoting freedom and peace are the most basic values of the Movement. Much of the Movement’s efforts seek to align all substantive laws to be in harmony with the Live and Let Live Legal Principle.

The Live and Let Live Moral Principle advocates for a virtuous and peaceful society by promoting aspirational values such as open-mindedness, tolerance towards others, voluntary kindness, civility, rational thought, building high levels of trust with others, and a commitment to pursuing truth, justice, and rational thought. We promote these live and let live aspirational values to optimize human happiness and well-being while minimizing suffering. Our ultimate values and goals are to facilitate and achieve global peace, prosperity, and human progress.

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