To “live and let live” means what it says. “Live” is an encouragement to live your life. Competent adults are in charge of their own lives. Being in charge of your life is to be in charge of your body, property, money, and time. To “Let Live” is simply to acknowledge the rights of others to be in charge of their lives in exactly the same way as you are in charge of your life. Said another way, the, “Live and Let Live Principle” most fundamentally means to take charge of and responsibility for your life by both defining and peacefully pursuing your own happiness while honoring the equal rights of other competent adults to do the same.

This does not mean we should not care how others live their lives. The Live and Let Live Movement promotes two simple rules: 1. Don’t be an Aggressor and 2. Be a Good Human. Rule #1 is a legal principle that prohibits all aggressions by all people, groups, corporations, and governments; on all issues, and at all times. There are no exceptions to Rule #1. We define “aggression” as the initiation of force, fraud, or coercion as well as any activity that puts another person or their property in danger. In essence, Rule #1 prohibits aggression while recognizing the fundamental right of reasonable and responsible self-defense to defend against another’s use of or substantial threat of aggression.

Rule #2, is a moral principle that encourages others to simply be a good human by inspiring them to adopt aspirational values such as open-mindedness, tolerance towards others, voluntary kindness, civility, building high levels of trust with others, and truth, justice, and rational thought. The overall goal of Rule #2 is to optimize human happiness and well-being while decreasing suffering. While the Live and Let Live Movement strongly encourages people to adopt Rule #2, people should remain free to entirely ignore Rule #2 so long as they comply with Rule #1.

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