Zoom Roundtable Host

Invitation & Responsibilities

Thank you for considering this opportunity, first of all. We’re looking for conscientious conversationalists who are good at facilitating discussions. You do need to be a member, first, otherwise you won’t have the background necessary to tie-in the principles and practices. Zoom chats are topic of the week/month-driven. You add your own special sauce to the conversation through keeping it on topic and managing the flow, making sure all voices are heard.

Your participation requires approximately 90 minutes of your time once or twice a month, familiarity with Zoom, and a good stable internet connection. We’ll reach out for introductions and onboarding through Zoom. Our objective is to grow the conversations toward freedom and peace with cross-pollinating capacity and furthering the Live and Let Live Vision/Mission plus including other organizations working toward freedom and peace. We desire to be a virtual example of collaboration as a collective, a unified force for change.

The Particulars:

  • 1 – 2x monthly – Unpacking the Live and Let Live Message, Principles and Purpose
  • 90 minutes – base your time slot on your location and convenience to your potential regional audience
  • ZOOM* Facilitation – introduce yourself (organization), ground rules (psychologically safe/intellectually humble), manage conversation making sure all voices are heard
  • Option of using your native language for non-English speaking audience

Vision: Curious and engaging generative conversations that matter for exploring freedom and peace through applying the moral and legal principles.

Mission: Create opportunities for such conversations to take place on a regular basis.

Purpose: To offer a psychologically safe and intellectually humble environment in order to build membership base, share your expertise, inspire growth individually and collectively in building trust-relationships, explore the Live and Let Live Principles.

Value Proposition: Providing a safe place for deep discussions promote freedom and peace through demonstration of the aptitudes, aspirations, and attitudes to achieve it. Experience brings knowledge and understanding that can be applied in daily living. Relationships and work environments continue to grow in the flow of good sense and sense being made common through your efforts and the efforts of others you connect with and/or influence to be better humans in our collective work toward freedom and peace in the world.

Need more? Please reach out to our Executive Director to schedule a meeting.

*May use other platforms as we grow

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