The Live and Let Live Foundation supports the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement with education and materials about peace, including leadership development and prosperity through social enterprise programs designed to promote the Principles of the Live and Let Live Movement – Be a Good Human (moral principle) and Don’t be an Aggressor (legal principle).

The Moral Principle creates short-term and ongoing opportunities to gather for conversations that matter, grow membership, and support each other to be good humans through challenging conversations that expand on the aspirations that promote being a good human. The Legal Principle offers a long-term goal of removing aggression from laws and legislative actions from governments to individuals.

Lounge Etiquette: This is a psychologically safe and intellectually humble zone. Just be a good human and everything will be fine.

We Practice and Discuss: Open-mindedness; Tolerance; Civility; A commitment to Honesty, Truth, and Facts; Rational thought; Building high levels of trust with others. We also discuss the aspects of what aggression is and how it can be averted.


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