Value Proposition

The Live and Let Live Foundation (3LF) educates people about freedom and peace; providing a mechanism to garner support through donations, events, sponsorships and in-kind services.

The Live and Let Live Philosophy empowers people to easily communicate important ideas to others in a way that resonates with reasonable people around the world. Two principles involved are one Moral and one Legal; be a good human and be peaceful. We bring people together to grow in awareness, character and performance in the world.

We inspire people of character to join our global community of Ambassadors to improve the world for everyone. The 3LF provides opportunities for individuals and communities to actively engage, explore, practice, apply, and promote the Live and Let Live Philosophy (3LP). The result is an empowered community that can affect change globally.

The 3LF provides guidance and supports ambassadors and program directors with assistance for activities, festivals, conferences, fundraising activities, information, training and meeting templates. This offers opportunities to collaborate, communicate and co-create activities that meet Ambassador, Influencer, Leadership, Program Director and Volunteer needs to further the work toward Freedom and Peace in the world. Applications for positions can be found at the bottom of the page here.

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