The Live and Let Live Movement is driven by relationships powered by Principles – Don’t Agress and Be an Exellent Human. Inspired activity with direction and purpose attracts others of like-mind to participate in peace-building activities. We have opportunities that are life-fulfilling moments of collaboration and cooperation in making a difference in the world. Below is a list of those opportunities and needs for the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. The list is followed by a detailed application so we know your availability, passion for peace and skillset that will help us determine your best fit. The more we know about each other, the better we can work together.

Current Openings for Volunteer Positions

Some positions will become paid staff upon reaching financial goals.

  • Fractional Nonprofit Chief Financial Officer
  • Fractional Organization Chief Operations Officer
    1. Set up/build on infrastructure to prepare for official launch and to sustain organization while maintaining 501(c)3, governance, raising awareness, funds, and growth/impact, while providing oversight to 3LM Global.
    2. Build the infrastructure: then grow for sustainable impact
  • Human Resources Director
  • Governance Director
  • Communications Director
  • Project and Systems Director
  • IT Director
  • Google Nonprofit Workspace Tech
  • Fundraising Director
  • Social Enterprise Coordinator
  • Roundtable Director
  • Volunteer Director
  • Grants Manager/Researcher
  • Communications Team – Content Creation/Distribution
  • Social Media Distribution & Networking
  • Research Technical Writer
  • Authors for Live and Let Live Topics
  • Video Production – Testimonials
  • Public Networking – Outreach
  • Sponsorship Director – potential for earning
  • Zoom Room Conversation Technical Co-Hosts

Have questions or need more details? Reach out to Zen Benefiel, Executive Director.
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