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Aligning Passion and Purpose Globally

Agility in the business world, in the post-pandemic business environment, requires outside-the-box thinking in adapting to the new workplace. Organizations with the intention of serving the world in dynamic ways are all over the Net, yet are still silos and many are still in the old paradigm of competition for attention. They aren’t aware of, let alone interact with, other organizations performing similar activities. Working together just makes sense.

We hope to demonstrate that not only does it make sense, it empowers a greater synergy and a flourishing world to emerge. We invite you to be part of that change and join the Live and Let Live Movement and reach out to organizations you may be part of currently, or know of, that echo the desire for peace and freedom.

In the new paradigm, perhaps a ‘New Time,’ best practices in business are to align with others in partnership to cross-pollinate as well as co-create a more effective display and distribution of products and services. Business practices and organizational development functions always lead the rest of civic and non-profit organizations serving segments of populations with their specific vision and mission. Our vision of global peace can be a reality. The world is connected now, a global village exists beyond our imagination prior to the turn of the century.

The nature and principle of the Live and Let Live Movement is to aspire to and promote being a good human and to assess and adjust the law to remove aggression. The Live and Let Live Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, supports the activities of the Movement. Being a good human means helping one another grow and prosper in sustainable ways to support non-aggression, which we hope will evolve to a free society able to support and sustain peace in the world. We know other organizations may not have freedom and peace as their specific focus, yet the support for such is replete in their activity toward peace.

We invite organizational representatives to join the Live and Let Live Movement first here, then register your organization below in alliance with and support of the aspirations, efforts and principles of the Movement. Just click on the yellow button. Your organization will be featured on our Live and Let Live Alliances page. We’re in the gathering phase now. Expect to see a page showing those alliances soon.

Warmly, Bristol, United Kingdom

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The Octopus Movement


Rescue Our Future


Global Harmony Assoc.

Coco Beach, Florida

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