The Live and Let Live Legal Principle applies the same way to all issues. We first determine who is the owner of the property at issue. We then apply the Live and Let Legal Principle to analyze whether The Principle is being violated. If The Principle is being violated, then the conduct should be illegal. If not, then the conduct should be legal.

The issue of taxation involves the government taking money from individuals who own it. Because the owner of the money has no choice but to comply, we can adjudge this transaction as involuntary. Because The Principle applies the same way to individuals, groups, and governments, it is easy to conclude that by involuntarily taking an individual’s money, the government violates The Principle by taxing.

The Live and Let Movement advocates for a world where all aggression is illegal. We believe a civilized, productive, and virtuous society can be achieved without legally permitting aggression for any purpose including taxation. Helping others less fortunate is a moral issue that should be outside the law. Indeed, voluntary kindness towards others is an aspirational value contained within the Live and Let Live Moral Principle.

Creative people have always found non-coercive solutions to problems. That aggression (i.e. taxation) may be the easiest way to envision realizing a particular goal does not make it permissible. We oppose aggression in all its forms and for all purposes. Therefore, we should always strive toward a world without taxation.
We recognize that not all taxes can be immediately abolished. Indeed, taxation currently supporting national defense, police protection, courts, and vital infrastructure should be among the last to transition to voluntary funding. We recognize we may never realize this ultimate goal for a variety of reasons. Additionally, how best to transition from a world replete with taxation to a world without taxation is a complex question upon which reasonable minds can disagree. Neither utopia nor perfection is among our available options. Nonetheless, while we work towards a world without aggression, we should cheer and support any move towards less aggression in any area such as taxation.

What Type of Movement is The Live and Let Live Movement?

The Live and Let Live Movement is a global peace movement that seeks to peacefully win enough hearts and minds, based on the logic, reason, and morality of the Live and Let Live Principle, to improve the world for all people. It is a global movement open to all people who value freedom and peace by opposing aggression. This is the essence of The Live and Let Live Legal Principle.

We also promote The Live and Let Live Moral Principle which advocates for people to be good humans by voluntarily adopting our aspirational values such as open-mindedness, tolerance towards others, voluntary kindness, civility, building high levels of trust with others, and truth, justice, and rational thought.

We most value the high character of a person without regard to race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious inclination, or any other immutable characteristic. We celebrate human diversity.

Through discussion and debate, the written word, numerous conferences, and festivals, political action, and the peaceful efforts of like-minded people, the Movement seeks to inspire enough people to eventually achieve a free, peaceful, and prosperous world that optimizes human happiness and well-being while decreasing suffering.

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