Regardless of whether one prefers to think globally, we now live in a global community that is here to stay. Global trade, global travel, global data tracking and surveillance, and multinational corporations are increasingly common. Our economy is now globally connected. We face many serious issues that require global solutions such as war, the existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons, synthetic biology and biological weapons, the development of artificial intelligence, computer hacking, and cyber-terrorism, environmental issues, global pandemics, species contraction, gene replication, and modification, as well as many other issues both foreseeable and unforeseeable.
Because of rapidly increasing technology, smaller groups of people with bad intentions are now more easily able to inflict greater harm on others located anywhere on the planet. We cannot expect to solve these questions locally while ignoring what occurs globally. We are all at risk from countless threats than can emanate from virtually anywhere in the world. We need global cooperation to both arrive at and implement global solutions.

We urgently need to stop fighting each other and better coordinate ways to peacefully live together while rationally, effectively, and justly dealing with the upcoming issues that threaten us as a species.

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